¿How we do our work?

In Galeano & Asociados we understand the legal and operational structure of each client, as well as the business specifications, such as their industry, business risks, processes, among others. We know their operating environment, their culture and the way they manage their service.

Our service proposal is simple but effective, and is that it considers the expectations, needs and critical aspects, for each client customized based on our experience and conversations with the Administration. We understand that for those who we provide a service that involves added value, it is essential:

  • A highly qualified team, with proven technical skills
  • A single contact for the services provided
  • The resolution of complex accounting and technical matters efficiently and effectively
  • The execution of an efficient and cost-effective service that provides early preventive alerts and business improvements
  • Proactive and assertive communication
  • The issuance of clear and timely reports
  • Quality and independence from any conflict of interest
  • The exchange of knowledge and
  • A service that minimizes interruptions for the business and personnel of our customers

We are committed to respond to the needs and meet the expectations of those we serve, maintaining detailed coordination and continuous communication with the Administration of our customers.

Our criteria is to provide a service of total satisfaction to our customers, each of them being extremely important for us, so all our resources and time will be at your disposal.”.

Work environment of confidentiality, integrity and independence in our services

Since the foundation of the Firm, it has been characterized and has as a priority, to guarantee an environment of trust and credibility, for this reason before the acceptance of a service, we carry out a corroboration of our independence with respect to the requested service. Consequently, we are sure, once accepted as a service provider, that there are no conflicts that prevent us from rendering our clients the services to which we commit. In many cases, Galeano & Asociados provides professional services to companies and organizations that compete with each other. That is why we take professional responsibility for our clients, and it is simple “all the information we handle about them is completely confidential”. In no way and under any scenario do we discuss the affairs of our clients with anyone other than our team that attends them and the authorized members of our client’s staff, or other advisors, according to the instructions of our clients.

One of our core values ​​is the “commitment”, which is why our Firm is committed to finalizing the contracted services not only with the quality that characterizes us, but also in a timely, efficient and diligent manner in the stipulated time according to the plan managed and agreed with the Client Administration.