The necessary assurance on the information used by investors and capital markets can be provided by an audit of the financial statements. A responsibility such as this one of public interest is provided by the Galeano & Associates Audit professionals committed to the seriousness that is needed, using data analysis and considering the business risks to assess the impact on each accounting account and operating process that result in a direct and material manner in the financial statements of our clients’ company. Our experience, professional judgment, skepticism and audit procedures tailored to each client based on their business and industry; It allows us to combine a highly professional and technical criterion to provide an adequate opinion on the reasonableness of the audited figures of the client’s financial statement.

We cover all levels of the Company, including a general review of internal control and its impact on the figures of the financial statements, with clear audit objectives that lead us to take into account critical and relevant issues that allow us not only to give an opinion on the reasonableness of the figures, but also provide management with suggestions and improvement opportunities that result in a synergistic added value of the audit process.

It is important for Galeano & Asociados to meet the needs of services that our clients have, providing an excellent service that guarantees success in a sustainable way. That is why, in addition to the audit of the financial statements, we also offer the following services:

  • Audit of the financial statements (external audit)
  • Internal audit
  • Audit of processes and internal control
  • Special audit (due diligence)
  • Court reports
  • Limited review of the financial statements
  • Compilation of financial statements and financial information



During the last years the country and the world has undergone changing tax regulations and for companies it is a necessity to stay at the forefront of knowledge of these regulations that directly concern their operations. That is why the professionals of Galeano & Asociados provide a comprehensive tax advice service that includes the review and preparation of tax returns and the information that supports them, without leaving aside the various taxes that apply to the limit of the Tax legal order of the country. Within the range of tax services we provide are:


  • Preparation or review of Income Tax Returns for Companies
  • Preparation of Income Tax Returns for executives
  • Non-Application of Alternate Income Tax Calculation (CAIR)
  • Preparation of dividend tax declarations
  • Preparation of the Transfer Pricing Study Report
  • Tax Consulting
  • Management of tax issues within the Panamanian jurisdiction


The outsourcing of services today remains an efficient strategy reducing operational costs, minimizing risk and allowing the Administration to focus on the business; allowing independent professionals to handle accounting processes, tax compliance, payroll, remuneration, assistance in taking inventory and administrative processes. Through the outsourcing of services we seek to generate value to your company through our services, which are:

  • Assistance in the preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements
  • Preparation of accounting reports abroad (offshore)
  • Full accounting cycle
  • Account analysis
  • Service of supervision and/or management for accounting department
  • Advice and training regarding International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) • Conversion of accounting principles and/or standards
  • Calculation of payroll and employees’ settlements
  • Inventory assistance
  • Assessment and improvement of the impact of the Company’s insurance
  • Recruitment


We work with you to reduce complex and changing market scenarios. Our

knowledge and experience is our best asset which we wish to put at your disposal with suggestions and comments regarding best operating practices that are both efficient and functional. Consequently, we also provide services such as:

  • Analysis, documentation and process improvements.
  • Internal audit, risk and compliance
  • Preparation or update of procedure manuals
  • Financial risk management
  • Among others