We are not just global or international. We are One

Alliott Global Alliance is an alliance of independent, progressive, mid-market accounting, law and specialist firms. Our member firms are rich with talented and highly-experienced professionals who know their jurisdictions, practice areas, clients and alliance colleagues. The reach of the alliance extends deep into Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. We are more than just colleagues or members; we are a kinship of professionals.

Our member firms are among the leading independent firms in their jurisdictions and specialize in providing advice to middle market companies and high net worth individuals.  Expertise is provided with confidence, warmth, simplicity and optimism.

Our founders first put their heads together way back in 1979 and have been providing national, regional and international solutions Together as One ever since.

Together as One Bound by a common belief

From our beginning in 1979, known back then as ‘Alliott Peirson International’, the alliance’s five co-founding firms were bound by a common belief that while globalization may be a positive force, there will always be an important role to be played by independently minded, local professional services firms.

Pioneers in the alliances market, we saw an opportunity to work Together as One across the world as independent firms. We saw the potential for learning and sharing knowledge, resources and opportunities and for making the world smaller and our businesses stronger. Since 2004, law firms and other specialists have joined the Alliott Global Alliance family, creating a unique value proposition for business and professional advisors.

Not just an alliance. But one global family

Since those early days, we have grown into the world’s sixth largest global multidisciplinary alliance. Accounting, tax, audit and since 2004, law and other specialist advisory firms have joined our ranks.

Alliott Global Alliance has become a kinship of professionals, supporting and learning from each other. We support each other’s success with professionalism and a personal touch.

We are not just an alliance, but one global family. We are Alliott Global Alliance.